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A location-based messaging app for building exercise habits.


01 10 Drop-In

A location-based messaging app for building exercise habits.


Role: Design, Interaction, Prototyping

Teammates: Mike Cardarelli, Sophia Li

Stakeholder: Premera Blue Cross

Download Specification: .pdf, 20 MB

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Caregivers are vital to the American healthcare system.


Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by insurance providers. Premera Blue Cross wanted to change this, and asked us to find a way to help their caregivers.


Drop-In was inspired by our research into the needs of newly-diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients.


Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most prevalent and expensive diseases in Washington and Alaska, where Premera provides coverage.

Everyone can benefit from daily exercise, but for type 2 diabetes patients, it is integral to successful treatment.


“I know what it takes to get to 10,000 steps a day, but walking for the sake of walking is so hard. Maybe I’m too goal-oriented.”

Interview Participant


People need motivation when starting and maintaining a new exercise routine. Drop-In helps patients and caregivers motivate each other.


Drop-In has three core features.

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Retrieve a Message

Send a Message

Maintain Healthy Habits


Start with a map.