Tieni Duro

Rebranding an established mission for a strong, consistent expression.


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Graphic Design, Branding, Photography
Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Development
Branding and Graphics: June 2015–September 2018
Web Design and Content Production: Winter 2019

What is Tieni Duro?

Tieni Duro is a youth bike racing team in California’s East Bay Area, but their mission extends beyond the bike. 

Tieni Duro embodies cooperation, dedication, and leadership.

The team is a non-profit organization emphasizing leadership development. Their mission is to produce holistic athletes, who are also prepared for academic and professional success.

The problem was the presentation.

Tieni Duro's image wasn't aligned with its values. 

The organization had been refining and clarifying its mission for 17 years. However, not every adjustment was successfully translated to the team’s presentation to the world. Their message had become ambiguous and inconsistent. 

The team played an important role in my life—I wanted to give something back.

To continue attracting new riders and new supporters, the team needed an expression as coherent as its vision. I had the opportunity and ability to help them, so I did. 

How did I help?

I wrote guidelines and applied them.


Contrast ensures text and sponsor brands are legible. Color increases rider safety when training, and gives Tieni Duro stronger presence when racing. 


Shapes emphasize form and speed—people and things should look fast, even standing still. Graphic organization should be fluid and alive, but not frenetic or haphazard. Be intentional and consistent. 


Keep things lighthearted and positive whether communicating in-person or through media. Bikes are fun, and being part of the team is too. 

Stage One:

I designed new clothes for the riders and their van.

Designing cohesive graphics across organic three-dimensional forms was an unexpected challenge, but my experience as an architect helped me work through it. 

Stage Two: 

Tieni Duro received an unexpected gift.

After seeing the new vinyl wrap, a sponsor generously donated the funds to re-wrap the team’s other vehicle. The smaller scale of this van required a new design, but one that remained consistent with the recently-implemented standards. 

Stage Three:

I’ll apply what I’ve learned designing digital experiences. 

In the winter of 2019, I’ll begin design and development of an overhauled website for the team. 
The goal of the new site is to communicate Tieni Duro’s mission, convey the experience of being on the team, and reach new audiences through narrative media.